Professional Services

Our professional services deliver a clear understanding of an organisation’s exposure to cyber attack, and the impact such an attack would have on their business. This enables organisations make informed investment decisions and to put pragmatic, cost effective cyber defences in place.

We protect organisations from the threat of cyber attacks. In addition to our range of cyber products and cloud services, we also offer customers cyber technical services to help them prepare and protect them from cyberthreats, as well as expert help to remediate and respond to any successful cyber attack that may impact your business.

Assessing your business:

Siber Group has built up a mythology of best practices to examine your entire organisation (or components thereof) in order to ensure that your organisation is protected from any threats. Our best practices will assist in optimising your current security components to identify whether the right architecture and policies are in place.

Aligning common information security objectives across various business units:

Siber Group will ensure that all information security methodologies and practices are aligned across all business units. This will result in your organisation developing a clearer understanding of your common direction, in line with your overall information security strategy and risk profile.

Designing your security roadmap:

Siber Group consult and advise on the development of three to five year information security roadmaps in accordance with your risk frameworks. This helps you make quick and clear decisions regarding the adoption of strategies such as cloud, mobility, BYOD, office productivity and automation, communication convergence, network infrastructure, data centres, virtualisation and more.

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Security Consulting

We will analyse your current environment, identify security threats, prioritise risks and develop a roadmap to mitigate them.

Architecture Design

We will develop your architecture tailored to your unique environment and business needs so you achieve your security goals.


We have the experience and expertise to fully support your implementation and upgrade process for all SG Information Security products. Configuring your environment for optimal operation and performance.


Focusing on ongoing optimisation of existing Information Security implementations, thereby increasing their effectiveness. All services can be provided onsite or remotely with managed services capabilities depending on your organisation’s needs.

IT Security Can Be Complicated - We Can Help

Information Security is our Primary Business.

Insecure infrastructure will drive an attacker to the weakest link. If the front door lock is too difficult to pick, the attacker will try the window.