Remediation Services

The point of implementing security solutions is to mitigate risks. Mitigating risks does not mean eliminating them, we can help you reducing then to an acceptable level. "The point is to buy time to react appropriately to an incident." To be successful, you need to anticipate what kinds of incidents may occur. To do this we need to identify what you are trying to protect, and from whom.

Cyber-attacks that threaten organisations continue to escalate together with exorbitant penalties for failing to prevent these. Determining the best approach to securing your organisation can make the difference between success or damage to your organisations reputation and well-being. As you look to partner with a service provider that promises to secure your organisation’s information assets, it is important to ensure that the services you are receiving help drive your business strategies more securely and enable you to securely adapt as your business and risks change.

Security is most effective when it is implemented as a process rather than a set of technologies or product features.

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An effective remediation solution can include many variants and depends on the specific needs of the organisation. Below are some suggested remediation tactics.

Patching Cadence

  • Monitor Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures.
  • Get alerts to new exploits and vulnerabilities.
  • Maintain a regular update schedule for all software and hardware.
  • Ensure software has been patched or updated.

IP Reputation

  • Investigate devices connected to the identified IP addresses.
  • Institute persistent malware protection mechanisms.
  • Monitor incoming and outgoing traffic for suspicious behaviour.
  • Block and blacklist any suspicious traffic.

Network Security

  • Review the business necessity of open ports listed.
  • Ensure that Internet-facing services are updated.


  • Review the business necessity of open ports listed.
  • Ensure that Internet-facing services are updated.
  • Implement an IP whitelist.
  • Servers to support strong symmetric cipher.
  • Confirm SSL certificates are current.

Review and Improvement

The last and often overlooked step is review. Siber Group will perform an overall assessment of the incident and will allow your organisation to identify response deficiencies and make improvements. We can assist you with:

Performing damage assessment.

Identifying what data has been accessed?

Identify how the intrusion occurred.

Ensuring appropriate steps are taken to close the security hole.

When that breach occurs it is human nature for panic to set in—and panic leads to rushed decision making and errors,” Siber Group explains. “Just the knowledge that there is a response plan in place helps keep your organisation from descending into chaos.”