Social Engineering

Organisations struggle to ensure that defences are consistently applied to protect their valuable information. Inconsistencies in security measures are often attributable to variations in available security products, support tools, administration techniques and delivery mechanisms. Social Engineering attacks, in particular, can be difficult to prevent as they rely on the exploitation of humans.

In order to minimise the risk of a Social Engineering attack, we will work with your organisation to test end-user Security Awareness with Phishing, Spear Phishing and other Social Engineering attacks.

Siber Group’s Social Engineering Assessment Services test your organisation’s risk to Social Engineering techniques with safe, approved, and authorised replication email-based attacks on targeted or all employees. The goal of the engagement is to help your organisation understand and improve its present security position.

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Pretending to be someone else or presenting a false user identity allow an attacker to gain access to your information or system.


Reports instances of whale phishing are rising sharply. Whale phishing and other types of CEO fraud are a kind of spear phishing email attack that targets end-users. These scams use social-engineering to trick users into divulging sensitive or confidential information.


These scams and spear-phishing threats are on the rise also, causing disruption and damage to enterprises everywhere. Designed to fool your employee’s to reveal credentials, passwords and other confidential information, phishing scans are involved in more that 90 percent of hacking attacks today.

Siber Group’s Social Engineering Assessment Will:

1. Assess security awareness by identifying users who click on links in phishing emails.

2. Set phishing traps via web forms to flag data leakage risks.

3. Test end-user machines for exploitable vulnerabilities.

Following the assessment, Siber Group will provide a final presentation as well as a report, outlining:

1. Kind of the work performed including steps taken in discovery

2. Overview of exposures identified

3. Identification of data accessed

4. Remediation recommendations

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A social engineering assessment is a very valuable tool in understanding the security exposure of your organisation. Organisations needs to be remembered is that human beings can also be very unpredictable, depending on the circumstances in which they find themselves.