Social Engineering

One of the new approaches that hackers are taking involves “social engineering,” or using information gleaned from social media to make a phishing email attack more likely to succeed.


Having extensive practical experience managing security breaches to comply with industry best practices. Responding promptly to reduce your recovery time, costs and damage.


Businesses struggle to ensure that safeguards are constantly applied. By reviewing your business' IT infrastructure and architecture, we establish where the business is at risk to cyber threats.

Information Security Provider

Siber Group’s various technology products, services and software, give us a level of flexibility often out of reach of other consultants and companies.

Some companies believe they can only afford to hire a single security consultant, and that a specialised InfoSec provider like Siber Group is out of their reach or budget. We aim to offer a professional security service at an affordable price. The problem with a one person security consultant is that, the consultant will usually have a skill set limited to their budget and will most likely use only products they have personally worked with.

As a Professional Security Provider, we can apply a greater amount of resources to develop our infrastructure and can leverage our infrastructure to the advantage of our clients.

<h1>Security Lifecycle Management</h1>

Security Lifecycle Management

Security is a lifecycle, that means when your environment changes the security practices changes with it. Siber Group is your trusted advisor in information security.

Our Security Process

Our process start with the four primary phases of the security lifecycle: Assessment, Policies, Hardening and Audit. Engaging with Siber Group provides our clients with access to a professional IT security firm with resources across technical consulting, auditing, penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and the management team.

An initial assessment that includes your current security posture, identification of your objectives, reviewing your business requirements, and a determination of your current vulnerabilities; our security specialists will be delivering a solution tailor made for your business, we don’t take a cookie cutter approach at Siber Group.

IT Security Can Be Complicated - We Can Help

Information Security is our Primary Business.

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